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Top Tips For Booking Your Ideal Airbnb Getaway

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Every time I post pictures on social media of our Airbnb stays, I’m always asked how we find such unique and beautiful properties, so keep reading below for our top tips on booking your ideal Airbnb getaway.

Airbnb has quickly become one of our favorite ways to plan time away or find a place to stay when we’re travelling. This unique accommodation booking site has saved us a lot of money and has led to some of our most memorable getaways. Our favorites include a gorgeous sprawling property just outside Yosemite, a home with stunning views of the Northern California coast overlooking a black sand beach, a house dotted perfectly along Bodega Bay with steps down to the water, and a unique & secluded property nestled in the woods of Whidbey Island.

Sunset at CopperLodge just outside of Yosemite

Enjoying a glass of wine on the beautifully lit patio at Copper Lodge

Copperlodge was the perfect base for exploring Yosemite

Because we love staying at Airbnbs and think it’s a shame if someone doesn’t know what they’re missing, I decided to write this blog post as a mini-guide to booking with Airbnb.

Let’s go over the basics first, shall we?

Airbnb is an accommodation booking site on which property owners can put their property up for short term rent. Whether it concerns a spare room, an apartment or an entire villa, they can rent it out on Airbnb. There are even castles, treehouses, and Airstream trailers - And because nearly all of what you pay goes to the owner directly, you’re keeping your money close to the ground.

Perfectly perched Airbnb in Bodega Bay

We enjoyed many sunset cocktails overlooking Bodega Bay

I didn't mind cooking in this kitchen with these views of Bodega Bay

Guests, in turn, can benefit by staying in a bigger space rather than a hotel room for usually a much lower price. Other perks can include beautiful views, relaxing hot tubs, picturesque fireplaces and fully equipped kitchens to make the most of your culinary skills. Aside from the size and price benefits, Airbnbs are great if you want to stay in a more private location, or if there’s a lot of people going away together. However, by far, our favorite thing about staying in an Airbnb is the complete and utter lack of people. Sounds harsh, but it’s so lovely to wake up and not worry about cleaners knocking on the door, loud neighbors or having to rush down to breakfast by 10am. At an Airbnb you’re on your own schedule, and no one else’s and with such busy lives, that in itself, is priceless.

We stayed at this beautifully modern home on Whidbey Island just north of Seattle for a weekend getaway

The house itself was stunning, but we found the garden equally impressive

The Whidbey Island Airbnb came complete with a kitty companion

In order to use Airbnb, first step is to create your Airbnb account - if you don’t have one, get started here and take save up to $55 on your first booking. Once you’re set up, have a look at our list of top Airbnb tips below.

Top Tips for Booking the Ideal Airbnb

Use the filters to your heart’s content - In popular areas, especially throughout California, the large selection of available properties can be overwhelming, so be sure to use the filters to search for properties that feature everything you’re looking for in an Airbnb stay. I always select “have the entire place to yourself” and if I’m feeling like treating myself, I select “hot tub” and/or “fireplace”.

Dad & Gearoid enjoying a drink and cigar at Copperlodge

Select your location & dates, or, don’t - the best properties are usually booked out for weeks or months, especially on the weekends. So often times I won’t set a specific date and just browse through all available homes within a specific destination. Once I find the perfect property, I’ll book it based on its availability. That’s how we found the home perched cliff side overlooking the Pacific in Shelter Cove, California.

Breakfast views of Shelter Cover complete with Bloody Marys

Explore using the map view - our main objective when we book Airbnb stays to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The best way to find an amazingly secluded home is to utilize the map feature on the site. You’ll be able to see if there are many places nearby or if a property is within a specific area you may be aiming to stay.

Our Airbnb on Whidbey Island was gloriously secluded in the thicket of the Pacific Northwest

Have a read of the reviews to learn about the experiences of others - this kind of goes without saying, but it’s highly important to see what others have to say and how they’ve rated the place itself. You don’t want to be caught out booking a place that doesn’t meet your needs or expectations

Autumn sunset views on Bodega Bay are beyond picturesque

Review all of the listing’s information to avoid disappointment - always be sure to give the amenities list a good once over - you wouldn’t want to book a place without air conditioning in summer, or show up without a hair dryer if one isn’t available.

Copperlodge outside of Yosemite is a 10 acre property with a well posted trail down to a river

Have a good look through the photos so you know what to expect - when we go away, I always want to stay somewhere that’s sparkling clean, well decorated and generously provisioned - think bathroom, towels, kitchen utensils & appliances - these are all very important to a self-catering holiday. I also always scan through the photos of the outside of the house to see if I can spot any other homes nearby, because we prefer to book a secluded property, as I mentioned.

Minimize your prep & packing with Hello Fresh - We love Hello Fresh and use it every week. You can’t beat the cost, the taste and the convenience. They deliver healthy & fresh ingredients weekly based on your food preferences and leave the cooking to you, making you feel like a bonafide pro in the kitchen. When we spend a weekend away at an AirBnb, we just throw our Hello Fresh in the car, unpack when we arrive and cook up quick and delicious meals, saving us money and allowing us to enjoy our home away from home.

So there you have it - go forth and book your next get away on Airbnb armed with the knowledge of an Airbnb-booking-pro.

Picture perfect views of the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island

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