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Why Upgrading to Preferred Club at a Secrets Resort is a Must

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Not every all-inclusive resort is created equal but when it comes to luxury, Secrets The Vine Cancun reigns supreme.

We’re not particularly accustomed to personalized greetings upon arrival with a glass of champagne & a cold wet towel to cool off from the relentless heat, however, it’s something we could certainly get used to. The impressive greeting is only the beginning of the stay and it just gets better from here.

Seeking a quick tropical getaway for my birthday, Cancun itself was an easy choice, with frequent, reasonably priced flights from San Francisco, and a short enough flight time of 4.5 hours. Choosing the destination itself proved much easier than selecting a resort from swathe of properties along the Mexican Riviera. In the end, we chose Secrets The Vine Cancun due to its close proximity to the airport, reasonable prices, and excellent reputation as a top notch luxury all-inclusive, adult only destination.

After our first time upgrading to the Preferred Club at a Secrets Resort, we’d choose it every time - let me tell you why. Preferred Club is an upgrade option available at all Secrets Resorts and while it is an additional cost, it’s well worth the value and in fairness, the price is rather reasonable. For an extra $120 per night, we were made to feel like absolute royalty and got to take advantage of all the special amenities on offer with our elite status.

Without further adieu, here’s our top reasons why upgrading to the Preferred Club at Secrets resort is a must:

You get your own personal butler: That’s right, in an effort to ensure luxury is absolutely limitless, you are assigned a personal butler who is available 24/7 for any request for your sheer convenience. Don’t worry, your privacy isn’t compromised in any way - the best way to contact your butler for any assistance at all is through WhatsApp. They even send a message each morning just to check in and see if there’s anything they can help you with. Two words: ‘Yes Please’.

The room and the views were stunning: We stayed at Secrets Cancun The Vine and at this resort, preferred status included rooms on the 22nd floor and above. It’s difficult to say what was more breathtaking; the views or the room itself.

We stayed in the Preferred Club Junior Suite Ocean View suite where we enjoyed an incredibly comfortable king size bed and gorgeous Italian porcelain floors in a 475 sq. ft. room. The bathroom and shower were beyond luxurious with rainfall shower head and white glass wrapping the room. Our balcony was massive and perfectly private with teak wood furnishings to compliment the views of endless views of blue.

An overall elevated experience

We love a good upgrade, but at Secrets resort, they take the concept of upgrade to the next level. The one amenity we absolutely loved the most , and took full advantage of everyday was the delicious, made-to-order breakfast in bed. There’s nothing better than waking up to beautiful views while enjoying a freshly delivered breakfast from your balcony.

The other, unquestionably best part of the Preferred Club was the Preferred Pool. Resorts in Cancun can very easily become loud and rambunctious, and if that’s not your scene, the Preferred Pool on the 12th floor is your answer. Not only is there a private and laid back pool with impeccable service, but the poolside Mediterranean restaurant is also only for preferred guests and is just delish.

The view from the Preferred Club Pool on the 12th floor.

Olio Mediterranean Restaurant set just behind the Preferred Club Pool - which is for preferred guests only

Other highly notable perks with the Preferred Club include

  • Premium shelf liquor throughout all restaurants and bars on the resort

  • Upgraded bath amenities like name brand bath & body care, along with other essentials like toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving cream, SPF, and sewing kit

  • Upgraded mini-bar with top notch drinks and snack

  • Priority seating at all the restaurants on property

  • Upgraded turn down service with gorgeous chocolates

  • An actual pillow menu where you can select & order your perfect pillow

  • Complimentary laundry & ironing service

We hope this post was helpful and that you enjoy the Preferred Club the next time you stay at a Secrets Resort across the world.

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1 Comment

Jan 06, 2022

So you mean to say that this is worth $25,000 for the preferred membership plan?? Their sales tactic (forced sales) is awful. They hassled us for 2 hours to sell us this ridiculous plan and we'll make sure to never come back ever again to this chain.

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